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Farmed Today is launching its Sustainable Food Platform!

For foodies, farmers, chefs and health-lovers, the week is starting off great!

Farmed Today B.V. is launching the upgraded version of its marketplace:

A platform for sustainable food producers. Get exclusive access to fresh, local and delicious foods and drinks straight from organic farms and regional food producers.

Farmed Today B.V. is an Amsterdam Start-up with a vision for a more sustainable food system.

Company’s mission:

Farmed Today is caring about the planet and its children. We believe food belongs to the people. We believe in biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. We support the decentralisation of food supply chains. We foster relationships between farms and plates. Eat local, sustain global!

Farmed Today identified the key problem of the current food system as following flaws:
• Small-scale food producers are earning too less to be able to operate effectively
• Local, sustainable food produce are too difficult to access for consumers
• The amount of wasted foods is too high, resulting in unnecessary pressure on the society and the environment

Therefore, Farmed Today created an online platform to support sustainable food producers.
On the Farmed Today marketplace, food-producers (vendors) can create their own storefront and sell to local consumers. Vendors have the option to set their own pricing and add their personal story and passion to the products and their profile.
The platform is focused on creating a community that wants to make a positive impact on their environment and believes that health is based on good food and nutrition. The company actively promotes a healthy lifestyle by educating its community about nutrition and diet and informing them about news, trends, tips & tricks in the food industry.
As food waste is equally important to Farmed Today, the company also collaborate with vendors that sell rescued foods on our platform. These foods are usually thrown away because of their shape, expiration date or colour, which does not fit the profile of what supermarkets are requesting. By selling these vegetables and fruits back to consumers and corporates, Farmed Today actively reduces food waste.

Head over to Farmed Today B.V. to see more!

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