About Us

Our vision is to create a fair and sustainable food system​.

Farmed Today is caring about the planet and its children. We believe food belongs to the people. We believe in biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. We support the decentralisation of food supply chains. We foster relationships between farms and plates. Eat local, sustain global!

A team that loves to create

Farmed Today values transparency and fairness towards producers and consumers. We strive for global biodiversity and sustainably farmed produce. The team currently only operates from Amsterdam, with a background in hospitality and web/app development. 

Do you have any questions? Here are a few answers to our frequently asked questions.

Demba Lehrer

My name is Demba Lehrer, creator of the idea behind Farmed Today. Having a farmer as grandfather and a chef as my father sparked my passion for taste and flavours. Since I was young, I was fascinated and affected by the food and drinks industry. During my studies at Hotelschool the Hague, I came across fundamental issues within our current food system that affect food waste and logistics. Issues that will limit our supply of highly qualitative and good tasting produce, if we don’t act now. So I founded Farmed Today in order to support small-scale farming, reduce food waste and create a fair and sustainable food system.

Guillaume Kloof

My name is Guillaume Kloof. I have experience in setting up and running web and mobile applications. Since the app business is forever evolving, I'm continuously looking to improve my skills and my team. At Farmed Today, I am on a mission to change the world of food by adding my own two skills and experience to the team. I'm a driven entrepreneur and the current CEO of CreateAppsHere, a web and app development company.

Emile Johannes

My name is Emile. Sales and Marketing have been of great interest to me, for it sparks a sense of excitement and motivation to indulge myself into discovering. I love challenges. When faced with a challenge creative thinking and problem solving can always overcome it. I always embrace the opportunity to help others solve issues through creative thinking, as I believe that thinking out of the box is what drives positive outcomes. I believe in the mission of Farmed Today as it is a scalable way to get local produce back on my menu; I get to experience all kinds of new produce; and perhaps most important I do it for Demba, as I believe he embodies the values that this company stands for, values that need to be restored in this world.

Erica Gasparini

Operations Management
My name is Erica Gasparini and I moved to the Netherlands to do my Masters studies at Tilburg University. I have been working as Product Owner for most of my career, which started at Booking.com, followed by adidas and Eccentrade. I love product development and working in an agile, fast paced environment gives me energy.I joined Farmed Today because I am passionate about nutrition and sustainability and I believe in a world where people’s first choice should be for local, sustainable and organic food.