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A platform for foodpreneurs and companies to create an online shop for showcasing their products.

Launch your own business

Farmed Today provides you with the platform for your products.

Grow and share your products

Let the local community benefit from your great products.

Get connected

Get connected and form a relationship with your consumers.

Your story matters

Consumers would like to know how you've managed to grow such amazing produce and products. Tell them about it

More Benefits

  • Receive an online and mobile storefront to promote your business and increase customer reach/ sales!

  • You set your price, you set your delivery options, you are responsible for the logistics, you receive a 90% margin off of the consumer price.

  • We help you set up your mobile storefront.

  • We promote your events and activities around and within your business!

  • You receive extensive customer insight and are able to connect to each of your consumers.

  • And much much more