What does Farmed Today stand for?

Farmed Today values transparency and fairness towards producers and consumers. We strive for global biodiversity and sustainably farmed produce. The current team operates from Amsterdam, with a background in hospitality and web/app development. 

What can I order?

At Farmed Today we aim to provide a variety of sustainable products, ranging from dairy, fruits, vegetables and meat products. Here's a complete overview of our offering.

Where are the products from?

All of the products from Farmed Today are from entrepreneurs in the food industry who also envision a world of sustainable solutions. This includes farmers and entrepreneurs that produce vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat products and even juices. Here's how we help the ones connected to Farmed Today.

What's in the packages that we have?

We've compiled packages which we feel are compiled of the right mix of products to benefit our dedicated community. Of course we are always open to suggestions and aim to make continuously bring you exactly what you need.

How do I order?

Everyone can order through our webshop unless you are looking for corporate orders. In that case we can sit down and have a talk about the offering that we can provide you. 

Can I change the contents of my package?

Farmed Today values transparency and fairness towards our consumers, which is why we'd also like to give you the opportunity and freedom to make suggestions when ordering your package in the comment section when ordering. We'll make sure to have your order ready at the appropriate time.

When will my order be delivered?

Each order can either be delivered or picked up at one of our hubs.

Can I order anything specific?

Please contact us for any specific orders. This way, we can make sure that we try our absolute best to meet your request. 

What can I experience at Farmed Today?

Through our upcoming digital and live events, we try to educate and add value to the lives of our community. To stay up to date with all it is that we're doing, please feel free to visit our website regularly.

For who is Farmed Today?

Farmed Today is for the individual that is serious about his or her environment, for business or personal reasons. With a wide variety of products, we cater to our community while we are always open to discuss partner opportunities for more business objectives.

Why join Farmed Today?

This is your opportunity, to not only have the opportunity to get healthy food but to also participate in the whole as a member of our Farmed Today community, through our events or other means.




At Farmed Today, we work passionately as a whole to change the world food industry with you, one products at a time. Feel free to join our sustainable community.