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Let’s Dance!

How it started

When the year 2018 started, Farmed Today wanted to make an even bigger impact with our products. We believe in a fair and healthy food system and wanted to add something special to the mix. We came across the main engine behind Kizomba Evolution who had the same idea of adding something special to his already good dance offering.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

With Kizomba being a very popular and very beautiful dance, wouldn’t be nice that the dancers were treated to something healthy? Kizomba evolutions offers dance classes that can help the beginner and the ones that are a bit more advanced.¬†At Kizomba Evolution the focus of the teachers lies more in teaching the right techniques for all the steps and tricks. The basics to becoming a good dancer starts at the bottom, so teaching students the right way of dancing in the beginning, gives them less problems when they get to an higher level.
With the focus on forming the all around dancer, Farmed Today aims to offer our products for a reduced rate for all students of Kizomba Evolution. In case you were planning to join Kizomba Evolution, Farmed Today can make sure that you get discount on the Kizomba evolution classes and events. Just let us know and we’ll give you that special secret coupon code.

Why Kizomba evolution?

Kizomba Evolution is an Kizomba danceschool in the Netherlands, that is specialized in the Urban Kiz style, and was founded by Donnovan ST, at the moment the best Urban Kiz teacher from The Netherlands. Urban Kiz is a modern Kizomba style that came over from France. At Kizomba Evolution we teach Urban Kiz for all levels and in different cities across the Netherlands. Kizomba Evolution has it’s own unique style, witch is described as dynamic, innovative and fun. The style that we have, was created so every student who learns urban kiz from Kizomba Evolution could dance this with all other Kizomba styles.
Wondering how it looks like? check out our video’s. Wondering how it feels like? come and take one of our classes workshops or bootcamp. Now you can find all the information for all the classes, bootcamp workshops and events on this site. Kizomba Evolution was founded by Donnovan ST in February of 2015, to start teaching Kizomba Urban Kiz in the Netherlands to bring the skills of the dancers to a higher level.

Next steps

Kizomba Evolution is working on becoming an all round dance school, so soon Kizomba Evolution will also start teaching other styles such as: Semba, Kizomba (traditional dance), Salsa and Bachata. On our end, we will make sure that we bring great sustainable, healthy products to you. Which products would you like to see next?

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